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We are a team of innovative data automation, mobile app and website developers; majoring in providing educational software solutions in Nigeria. We also provide reliable fibre-based Wi-Fi network to institutions and insurance services via our Mutual Franchise.

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Meet Our Clients

Why Choose JJ-Com Tech?

  • As core developers, we provide excellent branded software solutions and easily build in new features suggested by clients.
  • New features are added at no extra cost.
  • Our server uptime is 99.99%.
  • We provide support at any time of the day.
  • No client has had any cause to leave us since 2015.

Smart Result Processor (SRP)

General automation of result processing, distribution and school website.

SRP automatically generates result template, master sheet, report sheet, trend graph, bar chart, result analysis, academic comment, transcript and delivers results to parents.


JJ-Classroom provides typical classroom experience (virtually) with:

  • Quiz - marked automatically
  • Assignment
  • Attendance
  • Page and book
  • Live chat
  • Glossery
  • Forum, etc

Mutual Franchise

We work with Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC to provide:

  • Motor Insurance
  • Life Assurance Cover
  • Savings/Investment Policy
  • Marine Insurance
  • Property Insurance
  • Travel Health Insurance, etc

Our Clients

Products and Services

Below is a list of the core products and services we offer.

Mobile App Development

We develop fully customized Android and iOS apps for businesses, schools, social media and personal use.

Web Design

We design and develop excellent search engine optimized websites for e-commerce, blog, news, corporate, portfolio, school and personal use.

Wi-Fi Provision

Are you in need of Local Area Network (LAN) setup, fast and reliable Wi-Fi network for school, office or business organization, you can count on JJ-Com Tech's years of experience in IT for the best.

Insurance Coverage

JJ-Com Tech, in alliance with Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC which has an excellent track record of expeditious claim processing, offers all kinds of insurance services for car, property, savings and life assurance.

Data Automation

This enables organizations to use self-controlled custom software solution to complete repetitive role-based tasks in order to improve productivity, quality and customer satisfaction. Call on us if you have such a need.

Drivers License & Vehicle Registration

For express genuine drivers license and vehicle registration/paper renewals, chat or call us for quick assistance.

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Educational Clients


Active Insurance Clients


Insurance Claims Paid

Company Profile

In 2014, a team of three talented, passionate software developers, seeing the cumbersome exercise teachers go through during exam, marking, result collation, computation, filing and distribution, decided to develop a highly automated result platform to tackle this challenge headlong. Two out of the three founding developers were working as ICT and Mathematics teachers at top secondary schools in Nigeria while the third was working as a marketer at Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC. These three worked together to build Smart Result Processor in 2014 which was adopted in Sacred Heart College Apapa in 2015.

Company Registration

The successful completion and adoption of SRP by schools starting from 2015 led to the incorporation and registration of JJ-Com Tech Ltd in October 2016 with the reg No: RC 1370054, and ever since then, it has been a harvest of schools with lots of improvement in SRP and development of other platforms.


We developed JJ-Classroom in 2018, JJ CBT in 2019 and were granted Mutual Franchise in 2020 due to the years of experience of a member of our founding team with them since 2014 whom they couldn't let go. We now boast of a staff base of of 12, 14 renowned schools, over 350 clients insured and over 80 insurance claims paid successfully.

Excellent Support Team

Due to our excellent relationship with our clients and 24/7 support availability, no client has left us since 2015 to date.

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Insurance Policies

The following life and general insurance policies are securely registered and managed by JJ-Com Tech Limited and underwritten by Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC. Go through them and find the ones suitable for your need. Click the button below to select an insurance policy to view, Chat With Us Now or Insurance Details to get more information.

Fire and Burglary

This form of insurance replaces or pays for any loss of/damage to the insured's property by theft accompanied by actual forcible and violent breaking into or out of the buidling.

Fire and Burglary

Fire and Special Perils

This policy ensures replacement of damaged property of the insured as a result of:

  • Fire, lightning and/or explosion
  • Allied perils such as aircraft/aerial devices dropped: riot/strike/locked out workers; malicious damage; earthquake/volcanic eruption; storm/tempest/flood; escape of water from tank/pipe; impact by any road vehicle/animal.
Fire and Special Perils

Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Round the year, Mutual Benefits' Comprehensive Policy will provide cover which will pay for any:

  • Damage to the insured vehicle as a result of fire and theft/attempted theft
  • Accidental damage to the insured vehicle as a result of collision, overturning or malicious damage
  • Damage to 3rd party property
  • Death of/bodily injury to 3rd party person
Accident car taken care of by Mutual Benefits' Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

3rd Party Vehicle Insurance

In compliance with statutory requirement, Mutual Benefits' 3rd Party insurance provides cover to pay for:

  • Damage caused by the insured vehicle to the 3rd party's vehicle or property
  • Death of/bodily injury to 3rd party person
3rd Party Vehicle Insurance

Group Personal Accident

Get your employees compensated with Mutual Benefits Group Personal Accident Insurance against bodily injury resulting in:

  • Death, permanent or temporary disablement
  • Medical expenses
Group Personal Accident

Group Life Assurance

Since the signing into law of the Pension Reform Act 2004, it has become compulsory that all employers of labour operating with not less than five employees put in place a group life assurance scheme for the benefit of their employees. This policy provides for life cover only and benefits are payable only on death of members caused by accident or natural event.

The law makes it compusory to insure at least 3 times the total annual emolument of each employee which is made available as a lumpsome to the named beneficiary of any of the employees who dies within the period of cover.

Group Life Assurance

Travel Health Insurance

This policy provides financial support in case of accidental death, medical expenses incured and repatration cost of persons whilst on international journey.

Travel Health Insurance

Children Education Plan

This policy helps you plan ahead and accummulate funds for your children/wards' education. Accummulated benefit is paid at maturity or a named beneficiary's school fees is paid for in the event of demise of the policy holder.

The policy duration is five years.

Payments for funding of the policy can be made annully, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly.

Children Education Plan

Individual Savings and Protection Plan

Start a savings plan today, accompanied by life assurance benefits while your funds yield interest. There is no better way to make provision for your loved ones which will guarantee peace of mind even in death than Mutual Individual Savings and Protection Plan.

The journey of a thousand mile starts with a step ... and little little drops of water make a mighty ocean.
Start now to put a brighter future ahead of you.

Individual Savings and Protection Plan

Mutual Multi-Life Shield

This is a more robust and highly enriched life assurance cover which will not only pay lumpsome benefit at the death of the policy holder but offers several mouthwatering benefits to the assured while he/she still lives.

The premium is paid annually.

Mutual Multi-Life Shield

Anticipated Endowment Plan

This is an investment plan which enables you make withdrawals intermitently and still gives your beneficiary the overall accrued benefits in the event of death.

Payments for funding of the policy can be made annully, half-yearly, quarterly or monthly.

Anticipated Endowment Plan

House Holder Insurance

House Holder Insurance is put in place for private dwelling houses and/or the contents/personal effects of individuals against losses from fire and allied perils, burglary, theft, 3rd party liability and loss of rent/cost of alternative accommodation in the event of fire.

The premium is paid annually.

House Holder Insurance

Mutual Uninterrupted School Insurance Cover

Mutual Uninterrupted School Insurance Cover is of immense benefit both to educational institutions as well as the parents and guardians of of the students. This scheme is desined to guarantee the future of students' education at whatever level. It ensures that every student has access to the quality education their parents/guardians desired for them whether parents are there to do it or not.

The scheme provides an immediate fund for a child in the event of death of the child's sponsor in school.

Mutual Benefits Assurance PLC is obligated to pay 100% of the child's total school fees assured in lumpsome.

Mutual Uninterrupted School Insurance Cover


Our Team

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James Agu

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Nma Gift Cynthia

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Onyekachi Felix Agu

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